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About Us


AL Dana Private Nurseries

The story of Al Dana

Sultan gained his experience in the field of education through his work as a director of private schools in Abu Dhabi. He respected this field and found that investing in education is a benefit in life and the hereafter because it builds a whole generation and prepares the child to face the future. 

Worood gained her experience in education through her work as a teacher in a nursery school in Abu Dhabi in 2000, and then she worked in the management of nurseries. Her ambition has made her to leave nurseries and go to work as an administrator in one of the private schools to develop, learn and gain more experience in the field of education where she loved the field so much because she considered dealing with children one of the finest, noble and best profession. 

Choosing the name of Al Dana 
The name Al Dana, which means pearls, was the most valuable thing that the Gulf coasts had in the past . The most important profession For the people of the United Arab Emirates was pearls and corals discovering, so Sultan saw that he would name his first project in the UAE Al Dana .

How Al Dana Nursery arose 
Sultan decided to open his own project and He insisted That it will be a nursery. Ideas met as Worood was preparing to open a nursery in Bani Yas area. Accord­ingly, the two parties agreed to start, challenge all the difficulties, set goals and realize the dream of Worood by forming a special curriculum that includes all the basics needed by the child as she suffered from the curricula developed in the markets, which is far from the general culture and doesn't keep pace with the current development.

  • The most important characteristic of Al Dana Nursery 
    • They are just like any Parents, always consider that all children are their own. It was the most important saying by them in every interview and meeting with the staff: "these children are our responsibility and we are entrusted of them".
    • The most important goal for Worood is to make an Arab child with a strong person­ality, to let him have the will,the ambition and to express his opinion.